The first Non Fungible Token backed by Ethereum


ReserverETH is a social experiment created by 3 friends that got left holding the bag one time too many.

ReserverETH is designed to increase in value the more it is traded and the longer you HODL.

Generated pseudo randomly on-chain, ReserverETH is not just another worthless JPEG...

Nuh-uh, it is a Non Fungible Token that literally holds value inside!

Not one token is exactly like the other and if you wish to, you can reroll its colors for a fee (distributed to other tokens & increases exponentially per roll)

How it works

  • The redeemable value of the NFT is based on the amount of NFTs minted before it.
  • Starting with NFT #1, 10% of the mint cost will be stored in the contract as ETH backing value for that NFT.
  • The ETH backing percentage increases with each subsequent mint based on a linear progression.
  • Additional ETH backing is funded by NFT trades on opensea.
  • The ETH backing of the NFT can be redeemed by burning it.
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Game mechanics

Level system

  • Player gains XP from HODLing the token
  • The longer you HODL, the higher the token's level
  • The higher the token's level, the lower the burn fee
  • Buy, Sell, Transfer and reroll resets level to 1
  • tl;dr Diamond hands > paper hands!

Rewards & benefits

  • Trading fees are distributed among all NFTs
  • The longer your HODL time, the higher your rewards multiplier
  • Burn the NFT to get back the reserved ETH + bonuses
  • Token rerolls feed all HODLers
  • ReserverETH tokens act like access cards for future launches on the platform
  • All future games and dapps drip ETH to Reserver hodlers
  • More details on our Medium page
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